Tuesday, December 14, 2010

~Sandra Lee, Rachael Ray, Guy Feiri, & Gordon Ramsay~

So I'm getting a real website soon and I plan on getting these nicely photographed...but this is all I can do right now - cell phone shots because my digital camera died. My four finished books for this semester of thesis! (complete with end papers). Glad it's over, but I think they came out nice :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Here's the 4th bookjacket for my thesis: Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade Desserts. There's two layers, the top layer is supposed to look like a bakery box. There's a window in the center so when they are both wrapped around the book, it looks like you're looking into a box of cupcakes. Then you "open" the box and see that someone is topping off icing on a cupcake...so, are they store-bought, or homemade? Who knows?! That's why it's "semi-homemade". And below are the end papers. Oh! there will also be a little tag, taped and hanging from the front, saying "Semi-Homemade"...to make the title correct.

This is the 3rd cookbook jacket I did for my thesis. Guy Fieri: Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. The gray strip is a little belt that slips on and off of the book. When the jacket's actually wrapped around the book and has the little belt around it, it looks like he has sunglasses on the back of his head. The front is pretty basic with his goatee. I just double checked how to spell goatee and wikipedia says that's the right way....looks a little weird though. Below this piece are the end papers for it.